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The security infrastructure of the sites is a particularly sensitive issue, which can not remain indifferent, because sometimes the vulnerabilities may inadvertently be introduced by managers when implementing changes to the firewall policy, creating vulnerabilities to hackers, worms or Trojan horses . the only solution is to proactively monitor the network in order to meet the threats and implement the necessary measures before the attackers take advantage of them. Beyond this aspect it is also important to convey to the end user who can navigate the site safely.

It was thinking in those aspects which launched the digital certificate Hacker Secured. This was designed and conceived not only in order to provide mechanisms that allow administrators of networks watch over proactively and preventively throughout its network, but also convey confidence and assurance to users, who are protected against theft of personal data and fraud the use of credit cards.

Thus, the Hacker-Secured, validate through audits daily, weekly or monthly to sites, aiming to pass the safety tests of the FBI / SANS. Whenever the site comply with the minimum requirements imposed by the best security practices, the Hacker-Secured certificate will be awarded. In this situation the user will be assured that in 99% of cases there will be intrusions.

"The certificate protects the user against the theft of personal data and fraud in the use of credit cards."

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