Performance Certificate


The performance of a website is a critical success factor. There is evidence that users on the Internet do not expect more than 6/2 by loading a page. In this sense it is important to measure and monitor the pages to ensure that this value is exceeded. Nowadays websites are becoming more dynamic, which means that a page today may have a charging time less than 6 seconds and tomorrow, the change to it has acquired a higher value. So it's important to be constantly measuring, monitoring the website, or at least the pages most critical to the success of your business (homepage, registration, transaction, etc.).

To convey trust and credibility to the end user, the MarketWare created the Performance Certificate, which aims to convey to the user that the site is fast and the average loading of pages is less than the 6/2 established as patience limit a user has to wait for the page load. Actually it was created three seals:

- Good (It means that the site pages load on average between 4 and 6 seconds).

- Very Good (It means that the site pages load in measured between 2 to 4 seconds).

- Excellent (It means that the site pages load in less than 2 seconds).

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